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The March Great Business Breakout

The March Great Business Breakout
June 12, 2019 Jacky Ling

What the delegates said, and our plans for October

Well here we are in June, the March Breakout has been delivered, and we are four months away from delivering the October breakout. I keep saying my life is on fast forward!

I think I mentioned in a previous blog that when Rebecca and I created the GREAT BUSINESS BREAKOUT,  and opted for two days at the stunning Stoke-By-Nayland Hotel and Spa, we were very aware that we were taking a risk. Asking small business owners to part with a fair sized chunk of time and money, is a big deal!  Well I think we are both delighted with how it went. Here is what some of the participants said: 

Thank you Jacky & Rebecca a practical workshop which I can apply to my business. Really helps me to develop my sales and marketing actions. You created a nice supportive, inclusive learning environment. The workbook is comprehensive. 

The mix of information, and ‘play’ and discussion is just right. The open discussions helps the info sink in. 

Fabulous two days, thank you both.Lots of practical things to work on to grow my business! 

Super useful, but a lot of content. It would be good to have follow up. 

Thank you both so much for having us. It has been super helpful and I really enjoyed it. 

Workbook and calendar are excellent and show lots of prep and planning. Also recognised that brains overload and we will need to work on stuff after. 

From our perspective we had eleven delegates from wide and varied backgrounds, solicitor, accountant international trainer, VA, and  coaches, some had been in business for many years, some had just started out, and some worked for others. So the room was full of a wide and varied amount of knowledge and experience, which, we felt, just added huge amounts of value, especially to the group exercises and discussions.

Interestingly, half of the delegates took the residential option, those that opted for the non residential all said that with hindsight they wish they had stayed.

The group asked if we would consider organising a follow up session, which we are in the progress of doing, and we also have a private Facebook alumni group, were we are available to provide help and support, as and when needed. 

The workbook is proving a practical and useful tool, and in fact there has been plenty of interest, outside of the Breakout workshop itself. We are considering selling it as a stand alone tool, watch this space. 

At this point we are not planning any changes for October, other than switching venues. We are very excited to be going to The Five Lakes Resorts just out side Colchester.  https://www.fivelakes.co.uk/meetings/

We are delighted that with four months to go, there are only four spaces left, and that so far everybody has opted for residential. We also have attracted a lovely diverse group again as well, so particularly excited about that! 

We do also have a referral scheme for the Breakout. We are offering one hours free coaching with myself or Rebecca, for every person you recommend who books. 

So a brief recap what is it all about:  

We have created a ‘Three Course Growth Menu.’ It is a sales and marketing methodology for the small business owner. Once you understand the methodology and skills needed, like all good cooks you can start to experiment and create recipes to suit you and your business. 

To give you the methodology and skills will take two days, in addition we will be providing support to all our attendees, our goal is to do everything we can to ensure you achieve your business growth goals in 2019 and beyond.

Everybody’s learning needs are unique to them. Those attending will be bringing different skills, experiences and needs to the table. To accommodate all of this, our approach is designed to make it as easy as possible for each and every attendee to take what they learn and start implementing it in their business. We use a problem solving, creative thinking, discussion based style, that will explore your instincts, current thinking, and knowledge. We will provide you with the ‘Growth Menu’ methodology, fill the gaps in your knowledge and skills, and help you to start exploring and creating the right growth recipe for your business.  

Reflection is a key part of learning, hence the reason we chose such a lovely venue, to provide you with the right environment that would encourage and enable this. 

If the breakout is something you would like to do, take the plunge now, grab one of the remaining places. We would love to have you join us. You can book your space here https://www.greatbusinessbreakout.co.uk/

Remember the cost of THE GREAT BUSINESS BREAKOUT works out at £1.50 a day. What are you spending £1.50 a day on right now?