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February 6, 2019 Jacky Ling

Your WHY TO -WHAT TO – HOW TO recipe for success! 

When Rebecca and I created the GREAT BUSINESS BREAKOUT,  and opted for two days at the stunning Stoke-By-Nayland Hotel and Spa, we were very aware that we were taking a risk. Asking small business owners to part with a fair sized chunk of time and money, is a big deal!  So why? Well both of us have delivered micro workshops previously, and although often well attended with excellent feedback, for us it has been increasingly frustrating as we always feel we are not giving people THE WHOLE MENU with all the recipes,  and there is certainly no time to teach people how to COOK up a marketing and sales storm! 

So we have created the GBB Three Course Growth Menu. It is a sales and marketing methodology for the small business owner. Once you understand the methodology and skills needed for each recipe, like all good cooks you can start to experiment and create recipes to suit you and your business. 

To give you the methodology and skills will take two days, in addition we will be providing pre and post event support to all our attendees, our goal is to do everything we can to ensure you achieve your goals in 2019 and beyond.

Everybody’s learning needs are unique to them. Those attending will be bringing different skills, experiences and needs to the table. Everybody will have their own goals for the two days. 
To accommodate all of this, our approach is designed to make it as easy as possible for each and every attendee to take what they learn and start implementing it in their business. We use a problem solving, creative thinking, discussion based style, that will explore your instincts, current thinking, and knowledge. We will provide you with the GBB Growth Menu methodology, fill the gaps in your knowledge and skills, and help you to start exploring and creating the right growth recipe for your business.  

Reflection is a key part of learning, hence the reason we chose such a lovely venue, to provide you with the right environment that would encourage and enable this. In addition as small business owners stepping out of our business to work on it is always a challenge, so we are hoping that this venue will be a bit of an incentive!

The pre-work will be a short and simple exercise designed to get you thinking, and beginning to focus, so that you can maximise what you achieve in the two days. The post support is designed to provide you with a holding hand while you experiment and try out your new recipes. You will also leave with your GBB Growth Menu book, with all the methods, processes and tools you need, as well as the outline of your own recipes that you have started. 

So now is the time to be really honest with yourself, and ask how good are you at selling your stuff? If the answer is anywhere between terrible and it could always be a bit better, then are you ready to prioritise developing your sales and marketing skills once and for all?

The cost of THE GREAT BUSINESS BREAKOUT works out at £1.50 a day. What are you spending £1.50 a day on right now?