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  • Everything – Sue Tetley

    I have worked with Business Growth Landscaper a number of times. Jacky is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping small and micro businesses with their sales and marketing. She really understood my business and how she could help. I have learnt so much from Jacky. Would highly recommend.

  • The Acorn Club – Holly Beddoes

    There is nothing Jacky does not know about business and sales. Her drive and enthusiasm is contagious and just a quick chat with her will leave you full of ideas and determination to succeed. The Acorn Club is THE place to be if you are starting a new business!

  • Breakthrough Coaching – Jim Rowlinson

    Jacky is a warm truthful, funny person, when you are in a rut & need new vision/direction Jacky has a wealth of experience and is able to understand your business as well as your concerns. I would recommend her without a doubt.

  • The Acorn Club – Penny Wilby

    Jacky Ling is a fantastic and insightful coach. She’s spoken at my networking events and expo, sharing her expertise with delegates. Her advice and encouragement have been invaluable to my own business and the Acorn Club is the perfect tool to help small business grow.

  • The Acorn Club – Sarah Holmes

    The Acorn Club is jammed pack full of useful information and exercises for business owners who need clarity/direction or a refresh. Each section is introduced by Jacky so that you know what you’ll find. As always the information is delivered in Jacky’s straight talking, uncomplicated style. You can dip in and out of the sections as you feel you need them. There’s so much to discover that this is a great resource whether you are starting out or just need some help to keep you growing your business.

  • Great Business Breakout – Kim C Business Owner

    My husband and I run two small businesses and in October of last year, we sent a member of staff from each company on the Business Breakout course. As two different characters, with differing skill sets, they both benefited hugely from their course and have on many occasions since returning, put into practice what they learnt over the two days. They both regularly refer to their books they were given (these are genius!). Prior to attending the course, Jacky came out to meet them and have an informal chat, which helped them all to know who they are, what makes them tick and what the guys hoped to achieve from the course. I cannot recommend Jacky and Business Growth Landscaper highly enough. Jacky’s ability to judge, adapt and deliver – in a very matter of fact style – to totally different characters and businesses is second to none. What my guys achieved from their courses totally surpassed my expectations!