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Putting on your game face

Putting on your game face
May 14, 2019 Jacky Ling


Putting on your game face

How often do you find yourself doing this in business, and in life?

I am always talking about ‘putting on your oxygen mask first’. As a micro or small business owner it is so important we take care of ourselves, we cannot possibly take care of our businesses, staff and clients well if we don’t. Putting on a ‘game face’ to get through the day when we are feeling a bit under the weather or low is fine as a short term temporary solution.

It’s mental health awareness day today, so the perfect time to share what has been going on with me so far this year. I know a lot of people see me as a strong, even tough individual, but we all have our limits, when painting on ‘the game’ face just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Many people will not be aware of how much I have been struggling the past four months. From feeling very fatigued and suffering with brain fog, to managing all the mental stresses that inevitably come with my follow up appointments at the breast clinic. Especially when it is my third new oncologist in two years (anybody who gets stressed by the thought of changing a hairdresser, multiply that by a thousand), and yet another battle to get a CT scan. I have had numerous doctor and hospital appointments, blood tests, and a colonoscopy 36 hours before the March Great Business Breakout, all very exhausting.

The good news it we seem to be reaching the end of this particular phase of my cancer journey, I have a vitamin D3 deficiency which goes a long way to explaining the fatigue and brain fog and after two weeks of taking a supplement, I am starting to feel more energised, and mentally present. I also finally got my scan recently, I am very relieved to report it is all clear.

In spite of being a mindset coach, and knowing all the things that I should be doing to take care of myself both mentally and physically, I am actually really not very good at sharing or talking, I tend to keep things to myself, I am one of the ones who go quiet and introverted, except when I need to put my game face on. I do have plenty of tools and techniques to use to help myself, and I am very good at recognising the signs and knowing when I am in need of some self-care. Originally with the cancer I think I cried twice, when it was first diagnosed, and when it came back. So, in the last four months when I started to feel tearful and hopeless daily, I realised I needed to do more. The advice given when we are struggling is to talk and share with somebody what is going on and how you are feeling, it is a really good starting point, and in my case it is what helped me turn a corner.

I have discovered that this period of my cancer journey ( 2 years clear but not yet in remission)  can be more stressful and actually very frightening to live through, than the original diagnosis and treatment.

I have also discovered that a vitamin D3 deficiency is very easy to diagnose and treat. It also causes all sorts of horrible symptoms, can make you feel very unwell and affect your mental well-being.  So if you are feeling pretty rubbish go and discuss this with your doctor.

For the record I have not been spending the last four months wallowing in self-pity. I generally feel very lucky and blessed, especially compared to plenty of people who are facing far more than me. I love my life, and I love my work, and this year so far, I have been working with some fabulous business people. But like so many of you I have my struggles, and when your health is suffering, your ability to cope with even the small stuff can disappear.

The purpose of this post is multi facet:

  1. I want to thank those in my tribe who have listened, and been there for me, I hope you know who you are, and how much I appreciate and value you.
  2. I want to apologise if I have seemed more abrupt than usual, now you know why.
  3. If you are struggling and putting your game face on to get through each day, you are not alone, I know how you are feeling, speak to somebody, you don’t have to do this on your own, we all need a helping hand sometimes.
  4. Let’s not compare ourselves online, it is a false world, we tend not to share the rubbish stuff that’s going on.
  5. Consciously be grateful for what is important to you.
  6. Be kind and tolerant, let’s celebrate our differences. a smile and a kind word to a stranger can make all the difference to their day.
  7. The best bit of advice I heard on the radio today was:

What is done is done.

What isn’t done, isn’t done.

So let it all go, let it go, let it go.

Let’s start sharing and talking more often, especially when we are feeling low and struggling.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]