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Networking top tips

Networking top tips
July 23, 2019 Jacky Ling

18 simple steps to help you get productive and have fun!

  • Do your research and select events aligned to your goals and objectives
  • See if it is possible to get a list of attendees for any event you are going too. Take a little bit of time to research attendees and their companies, create a shortlist of people you would like to meet
  • Take plenty of business cards
  • Dress appropriately for that event
  • Make eye contact, smile and say hello. You won’t be the only one there who is nervous, shy or introverted. You will make somebodies day just by smiling and saying hello.
  • If there is more than one of you do split up, you will achieve more, and won’t be less approachable to others
  • Be genuinely interested in what others have to say, actively listen to what people are saying, rather than thinking what you will say in the pause. Having a genuine conversation is a much more pleasant experience and it is surprising how opportunities present themselves when you just listen.
  • Remember the principles of the elevator pitch, and when asked do talk enthusiastically about what you do, focusing on how you help solve problems rather than listing the services you provide.
  • Do be a connector, by that I mean be useful, introduce people to each other when you feel there is some common ground, or they might be able to help each other
  • Don’t interrogate people develop the art of being an ‘elegant conversationalist.’
  • Do talk about things other than work or your business, makes you more interesting and memorable, and it is more fun.
  • Don’t talk to the same person for the whole meeting, master the art of extracting yourself graciously. You could simple introduce them to somebody else or another group, leaving you free to seek another group or person to introduce yourself too. Or simple tell them how lovely it has been to meet and chat with them, hope they enjoy the rest of the event, and excuse yourself to get a drink.
  • Do exchange business cards with people
  • Don’t look over the shoulder of the person who is speaking with you
  • After the event do update your database, or record system with your new contact and keep in touch
  • Don’t bombard them with generic marketing, but do share information, research, articles etc that you think might useful and of interest. Even when people have asked you to keep them informed of what you are doing, you will soon disengage them if you send marketing stuff every week, especially if it is generic and not really applicable to them.
  • Do e-mail them after the event and tell them how much you enjoyed chatting with them. If it is somebody you would like to invest more time in getting to know, then invite them to lunch or for a coffee
  • Stay in touch

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