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Confused About Coaching?

Confused About Coaching?
January 29, 2019 Jacky Ling

The Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

There are a lot of us coaches, we all have different areas of specialism and expertise so even when you have made the decision to work with a coach it can still feel incredibly overwhelming trying to figure out who is right for you.

The following are the answers to the most frequently asked questions I get, which I hope will help anybody who feels they might need a coach, but isn’t sure, and has not a clue where to start.

How do you know when you have a coachable issue or need?

When you are stuck on something and cannot seem to find your way through. Working with a coach helps you achieve the breakthrough that you need. The benefits of working with a coach are many. You tend to accomplish more than you would on your own, and so achieve your goals more quickly. You can avoid making many mistakes, and learn new skills.

Will a coach tell you what to do, and how to do it?

Short answer to this is no. A good coach should help you find the answers for yourself, as well as help you find your inner strength,motivation and confidence.  If there is a skills gap and that is your coach’s area of specialism then you can also learn the new skills you need.

Who does the work?

You do. A good coach will help you set the actions you need to follow through on post the coaching sessions, and will follow up with you as well. That is one of the big benefits of working with a coach they are your accountability partner. If you are getting stuck again, they will help you move through that. But it is you who actually does the work.  So before starting with any coach a good question to ask yourself is – Am I ready for this? Will I put the work in? Am I in a position to be able to commit to the work needed?

How long is each coaching session or programme?

Well genuinely how long is a piece of string? With my clients some get the breakthrough they needed in one session. That session could have been one hour or three hours long. Some work with me every month face to face, because what they want is the ongoing accountability support. One of my clients said it just makes all the difference to her knowing I am in her corner. Once I have met my prospective client, and we have agreed we want to work together, I will usually create a coaching programme for their specific needs. That way my client knows what the level of commitment is needed, time, effort and financial. Many coaches offer specific programmes, you are signing up to that programme as well as the coach. The key here is that you know what you are going to get, how much it costs and how long the programme will take. Some coaching programmes require a huge investment in time and money

Should I work with a coach who has the specialism I need?

When it comes to your business personally, I would say yes, if you know you need support in growing your own skills in a particular area then it makes sense to work with a coach who has that particular specialist knowledge. However, remember a good coach should help you find the answers for yourself, so it isn’t essential. I believe it is more important that the chemistry is right between you and your coach.

What is a typical coaching fee?

The short answer is between £10’s – £1000’s.

There isn’t a typical fee. It depends very much on the individual coach. Those who are delivering specific franchised programmes will be charging the recommended price for that programme, it will be the same price with all the coaches who deliver that. If you want to work with an experienced coach who has an excellent track record, and gets results then they will come at a premium, and like everything the more well-known and famous the coach and brand then generally the more expensive it gets, and can be thousands and thousands. It is possible to find really decent coaches who do not charge a fortune, I would like to think I fall into that bracket. So, do be clear in your own mind what your budget is. I also often discuss with my client what a good return on their investment would look like for them. 

How do I find a good professional coach?

A good place to start is personal recommendation. It helps if a coach comes highly recommended by somebody you know and trust. Check out testimonials and case studies as well. Often coaches and trainers will deliver talks and micro sessions to groups, this is also a very good way of getting a feel for how they work, and check their price parameters at this point, so you know if they fall within your budget. I would also recommend you have a non-chargeable one to one meeting, to discuss your needs, and most importantly find out if they are somebody you can work with. For me these meetings are part of the sales cycle therefore should be part of the cost of sale. If you prefer to work with a coach in person rather than over the telephone or via Skype or zoom,then geographical location will also be a big factor. I have been coached and coached via Skype, it is a bit different but still incredibly effective.

Everybody needs a coach at certain times in their life, and sometimes more than one coach! What is certain is that whether one coach, or multiply coaches, short term projects or long term support, when you find the right coach for you, they will help you ditch procrastination and over whelm, find your self-belief and know your true worth, turn your aspirations into tangible achievable goals, then if you want them to, they will help you stay focused and on your chosen path.