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Breakthrough Zoom Coaching

Breakthrough Zoom Coaching

Finding The Right Coach

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and working with different coaches at different times is common. It depends which area in your business or personal skill set you need support, so a coach with a particular area of expertise could be important.
You won’t necessarily need to commit to many months of coaching either. Many of our clients get the breakthrough they were after in one session. It doesn’t need to be face to face either, coaching via video is incredibly effective and will save you time and money.

Breakthrough Zoom Coaching

Running your own business can be very isolating, and sometimes we just get stuck in a rut, and can’t find our way out.  Finding experienced, affordable support, when we need it, can be really challenging, leaving us feeling even more isolated.

Is your negative self talk, causing procrastination, impostor syndrome and a crippling fear?

Perhaps you simply need to find some clarity, and focus, self belief, and confidence. Perhaps you need to find your motivation again and get re-energised?

Maybe you simply need to talk through your ideas and plans for the future, get some feedback and tips on how to make them a reality?

My approach with the breakthrough sessions is punchy, energetic, fun and fast paced. Together we will use problem solving and creative thinking to help you get the transformation you need quickly.

You will leave feeling reenergised, inspired, motivated and determined. 

What people say….

One to one coaching

People are already using this radical approach to help them transform their business and their own performance. Here is what some of them said about the experience:

Jacky is an absolute gem. I’d been looking for a business coach for quite a while, but hadn’t met anyone who I felt understood me and my business. Then I came across Business Growth Landscaper and – hurrah – found exactly what I needed. Jacky’s advice is spot-on and she’s one of those people who exudes positivity. I also love her ‘no nonsense’ approach. You really do get your money’s worth out of every minute of her time and she came to our meeting clearly having researched my situation and with truly insightful questions and suggestions lined up. Since our session last week, I’ve felt utterly re-energised, have a sense of clarity and drive to go forward, and I can’t wait to work with her again.”

“I highly recommend BGL’s Breakthrough Zoom Coaching. Jacky is incredibly helpful and articulate. I own a fledgling business so we have to be very careful about what we invest in. I approached Jacky with a marketing problem and in an extremely short amount of time she was able to get to the bottom of the problem and offer several ideas and solutions to sort us out. I got much more out of the conversation than I expected. I now have a focused plan of action which I feel very confident about. Jacky knows what she’s talking about, she doesn’t beat around the bush, she just gives you the answers! Thanks again Jacky.”

I recently had a mini breakthrough chat with Jacky regarding a new package I am developing – especially over the pricing structure. I really needed another viewpoint on what I had drafted and I knew Jacky was just the person to give me honest and constructive feedback. Knowing that she has a wealth of sales and business experience behind her made her the obvious person to do this. I was not disappointed and it really clarified my decision making going forward. I highly recommend anyone who needs some clarity in their business to us e Jacky!”

How it works

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