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About Us

Who We Are

BGL (Business Growth Landscaper) is part of The New Approach Partnership Ltd formed by husband and wife team Darren and Jacky Ling in October 2013.

Together we have in excess of 55 years’ experience in business development, selling into a diverse cross section of market sectors. As well as winning new business in both B2B and B2C, recruiting, managing and developing sales teams; we also have a family small business heritage, ‘it is in our blood!!’ Over the years our experience and expertise has been honed as much from our mistakes and failures as from our successes and we both have a passion and enthusiasm for what we do. You can access our support through:

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow!

Our Mission Vision & Values


To provide micro, home-based, small and new business owners with affordable sales and marketing support when they need it.


No more sales stigma!


Compassionate Candor – We are honest, strong and straight talking. We care deeply about you, so always do the very best we can.

Vibrant – We are energetic and warm. We believe in getting as much enjoyment as we can from what we do. Running your own business should be exciting and fun right!

Instinctive – We have an abundance of intuition, it is at the core of our work. We are loyal to our clients and excellent listeners as well.

Our Team

As well as supporting small businesses with their sales and marketing, we also collaborate with other experts to support us in our business. We consider them as part of our team.

Jacky Ling
Darren Ling