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5 Tips for Tackling Your Chicken List

5 Tips for Tackling Your Chicken List
May 31, 2017 bgladmin

5 Tips for Tackling Your Chicken List

So, what is a chicken list?

Well, in short, it is the list of names you are scared to call.

Let’s take a look at who typically might make it onto your chicken list:

  • High profile industry/community leaders. They may well have a PA or receptionist who are their gate keepers, which can make them much harder to reach. Our perception of their position and status invokes feelings of inferiority: why would they take my call?
  • Someone you have a close personal relationship with, friends or family. Particularly when it is our own small or home business. There is a lot more emotion attached to the product or service we provide, so we worry about what they might think; the rejection feels so much more personal and cuts deeper, when it comes from somebody we are close to.
  • You have tried before, never been able to reach them, and they have never come back to you. So you have assumed they are avoiding you.

Everybody is different, and I am sure you have your own type of person on your chicken list. To be honest it doesn’t really matter, there is a common theme that links them all.  Our paranoia and insecurities drive us to make judgements and assumptions that feed the fear, and BOOM, we have a long list of people we are scared to call.

I often refer to Mark Twain’s ‘EAT THE FROG’ quote – ‘If you eat a frog first thing in the morning that will probably be the worst thing we do that day!’ And I particularly like what Brian Tracy wrote in his book based on the ‘Eat the Frog’ quote. He says ‘If you have 2 frogs, eat the ugliest first! ‘In others words, just do it, and specifically do the hardest thing FIRST.

Oh, and bear in mind whoever is on your list will have their own ‘chicken list’!

How to tackle your list!

  • Take some time to qualify your list. Some research now will save you a lot of wasted time and emotion later. Plenty of resource with the worldwide web these days to start to gather basic factual information.


  • Map your list against your customer avatars or target market. If they don’t meet the criteria, remove them from the list. Don’t bin them, just put them on the back burner until you have an avatar or market where they fit.


  • Know what you want to say. I don’t do scripts, but if you are nervous or new to this it is worth creating a call structure or prompt sheet to refer to. It is much better to be clear and concise, and if you practise a few times you will also be natural. To get an idea of how you sound and how the words flow, record yourself.


  • Set yourself clear call objectives. Your primary objective is to progress to the next step of the sales cycle, which for most people is to meet. The secondary is information gathering; don’t under estimate the power of this, information is gold, and you will always be able to find out more, therefore you will always have a successful call as you would have achieved one of your objectives. Very powerful for a confident mind set.


  • On the call itself:
  • Always ask if it is a good time to talk
  • Do leave voicemail ( within reason)
  • Do follow up with email/FB message
  • DON’T CHASE HARD – give people space and time to respond
  • DON’T SELL ON THE CALL – until you know something of the issues, needs, wants, and challenges, you have no idea if what you have or do can help.
  • Be OK with NO! We are not a good fit for everybody or the timing might be wrong.


My challenge to you is to call one person from your chicken list first thing every morning. You will soon grow in confidence and might even start hatching some eggs!!