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Sales stigma seems to be everywhere, in Large corporate, SMEs, business start-up, micro business, sole traders. Somehow selling is often perceived to be a shameful and dishonourable practice. When in fact the ability to market and sell will ensure the continued existence and growth of any business.

For the micro, new or small business owner the marketing and selling of their product or service is often where it all falls apart, and unlike “big business” they only have themselves to fall back on and sort it out.

The good news is that there is a SELLING EVOLUTION going on, and in truth it has been happening gradually for the past twenty years. To SELL well is actually really simple and straight forward.

We have over 55 years’ experience in business development, sales, marketing and customer care. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to support micro, new and small business owners with all aspects of their sales and marketing. We also have a small family business heritage, so we understand and have first hand experience of the particular challenges faced.

We work with you to help you:

  • Find the most effective and appropriate way to market and  sell your particular product or service.
  • Find the sales skills you already have! Yes, really you do loads of them!
  • Identify and develop the skills that need a bit of work.
  • Sell in a way that is congruent with your vision and values.
  • Grow your confidence and resilience.
  • Keep innovating and growing your business.


Small business success is easier when you have support!

News & Views

Overcoming Sales Stigma for the Small Business Owner
When we talk about sales stigma, we are referring to the perception that selling is somehow sleazy, and those who sell are untrustworthy, overbearing, misleading and pushy individuals. For the majority of small business owners this is generally their perception, and is definitely NOT how they wish to be perceived by their marketplace. Here is [...]
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How to continuously develop your business skills
A guide for the home-based, small or new business owner It can be tough when you are in business on your own finding the time and money to invest in developing your business skills, knowledge and behaviour. But it is critical that you do. Inevitably when you are in business on your own there will [...]
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Is listening the most under-utilised tool in the toolbox?

Listening is an art that requires attention over talent, spirit over ego, others over self Dean Jackson Ah, yes, listening, one of the three key components in being an ‘elegant conversationalist’ and arguably THE most important element; it is the listening that ‘unlocks’. Equally, we tend to believe we are better at this than we […]

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